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How to make Social Science fun to learn 

The sixth grade is a very important milestone in the life of any scholar. In sixth grade, the curriculum the student studies becomes a little more extensive. There is a sudden increase in the curriculum to study, slightly different than what you are used to until the fifth grade. The  Environmental Studies (EVS) subject is divided into Science and Social Studies (SST). An additional language is also added to the curriculum, for example, Sanskrit, German, French, etc. This also makes the most dreaded subject of social science quite lengthy, making it a bit difficult for students to cope with the resulting stress.

  • Social studies: The new subject

For sixth grade students, social studies include the sub-subjects of history, geography, and civics. It is the study of the society that we live in and how people behave and affect the world around us. It is an interesting subject in which students learn facts about history, geography and political life. A panel of subject matter experts will write a Class 6 Social Science textbook with reference to the NCERT Class 6 Social Science Curriculum as mandated by the Central Board of Secondary Education. As they prepare for their sixth grade exam, students should refer to their required social studies textbook that is the NCERT  to clear up their doubts and gain a deep understanding of the concepts.

  • The NCERT of social studies 

There is a single book that includes all the three subjects which are history, civics and geography which makes it easier for the students in keeping the chapters handy. Each and every chapter is followed by a brief summary that helps the students when they revisit the chapters during revision. It contains all the important points that have been portrayed in the chapters. This makes the lives of the students much easier.

  • History: The study of the past

History is one of the most interesting subjects a student could ever study. Some students find it absolutely boring too. History is the subject that teaches us about our past and how life came to be, as it is right now. It teaches us about how we reached the level of development in all aspects that we have.

The history syllabus of class 6 teaches the students about the ancient history of India. It includes early India before the entry of the mughal empire into the country. The NCERT has many pictures of the archeological things related to the chapters so that the students can visualize whatever they are reading in a better way. The students must try to read history in the form of a story to make it more interesting. 

They should try to be more interested in the chapters by watching some documentaries or movies related to those chapters. 

The NCERT has several questions and the chapters contain the answers to these questions. The students should write and practice these questions and answers and maintain a notebook that contains the same. There are multiple objective type questions as well and should be practised well enough so that they can do well in the online examinations.

  • Geography: The study of all the phenomena of the earth.

The geography curriculum includes many interesting geographical phenomena and map activities that could interest the students. It is more of a subject that should be memorised because it has certain values that have to be kept in mind as it is. 

It is a subject that requires regular brushing up and hence activities like quizzes could really help in this. Activities like this would indulge the students in a healthy competition which will also help them to study the chapters in a fun way. This way their skills to answer objective type questions would also improve.

  • Civics: The study of the political scenario of India

Our country is a huge country with a number of states and union territories. Each state has its own type of government and the country as a whole has a central government as well. This subject can be complicated if not studied wisely. For this particular subject it is very important to read the chapters very carefully. Since the concepts of civics are slightly complex and definitely new to the students, reading the textbook multiple times will be helpful. Keep the keywords in mind while reading the lessons and also while writing the exams.

  • Solving sample papers for practise

CBSE Sample Paper for Class 6 Social Science should be solved by the students and while solving these they must be extremely honest with themselves. This will prove to be helpful during the exam, but if the students do not do it honestly and find ways to cheat, they are bound to get a bad result. 

The solved sample paper must be checked by a teacher, parent or an elder sibling so that they understand where they are going wrong and what they could do to improve their performance in the actual exam.

  • Make study groups to make it easier

To make social studies more interesting, students can also try group study. This will not only help you enhance your learning experience, but it will also be fun. Children are the most comfortable when they are with their friends and classmates.They can interact with them, discuss the chapters, and question each other. You can also teach or explain things to your friends to help them because teaching someone is the best way to learn anything. This will also help students better understand and retain information.

  • Choosing the correct reference book

The students after finishing with their NCERT should go ahead with their preparation using some reference books. They should decide which book they are going to follow with deliberation. The book should be based on the NCERT itself and must have many questions for practise.

This way this subject will become interesting and the students will be able to score really well and have fun studying it at the same time.

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