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Basic Equipment You’ll Need in Your Laundry Business

To help your business cope with the high competition in the laundry industry, you’ll need to implement working strategies. To start with, you need to have some specific laundry machines in your store. For instance, to launch a laundromat business you can invest in a coin operated washing machine from a reliable provider like Girbau North America.

Realize that business success and the right laundry machines go hand in hand. And this means you need essential laundry equipment like an industrial washing machine. With that in mind, which are the must-have laundry machines when starting a laundry store? Let’s find out.

Washing Machines

In any laundry business, installing washing machines helps offer convenience, efficiency, reliability and serves more customers fast for improved profit generation. While there are dozens of washing machines in the market it’s easy to end up with a washer that doesn’t match your business needs in terms of space, budget, and quality delivery. Also, as a beginner, you could fall prey to scammers selling low-quality equipment that aren’t suitable for commercial purposes.

So, be a strategic buyer. List down the features you’re looking for in a washing machine. Consider all the options you have (from different brands) and compare each with the list of features you’ve made, and then select your ideal washing machine.


Although not all clothes or fabrics should end up in a dryer, most people visiting a laundry store expect to leave with a ready-to-wear t-shirt, dress, trouser, or any other piece of clothing. And considering that a ready-to-wear piece of cloth is dry and clean, a dryer becomes a must-have machine in your laundromat. For that reason, be sure to buy dryers with the features that suit your business needs.

To simplify the process, here are some questions to ask yourself when looking for the ideal dryer. What is the machine’s load capacity? How fast and customizable is the machine’s drying cycle? Which type of fabric or cloth do you deal with most in your business? How much space do you have in your laundry store? What’s your budget? Opt for a dryer whose features align with the answers to the above questions.

Drying racks and Iron

As mentioned, some fabrics or clothing are delicate such that you can’t put them in a dryer. For instance, soft fabrics like silk, lace, and sheer net get wrinkles that are almost impossible to get rid of if put in a dryer. And that’s where a drying rack gains importance in a laundry store. Even more, most clothes that aren’t compatible with a dryer get wrinkled after the process. In that case, your customers will thank you if you offer ironing services so that they go back home with clean, dry, well-ironed, and folded clothes. Plus with the extra services, you’ll be increasing your business profit generation.

Setting up a solid and successful laundry business requires the right equipment to optimize the business operations and conveniently serve your customers. Therefore, you must choose laundry equipment that will meet your customer and business needs.

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