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Use Instagram Chat Ads to Direct Users to Your Automated Conversations

Social media platforms like Instagram are powerful marketing channels that bring brands into contact with far more potential customers than was possible with traditional media. In this environment, innovative approaches can prove to be ground-breaking, but converting contacts into buyers remains a considerable challenge. Combining elements of traditional marketing with emerging techniques like conversational marketing is a promising direction that can produce amazing results when executed skilfully and with a clear objective in mind.

One possibility for marketers looking to create some buzz online and expand their outreach is to use Instagram click-to-message ads to initiate automatic interactive conversations in Messenger or Instagram DMs. Depending on the campaign objectives and the attitude of the user, chat bots can lead the conversation in any direction that correlates with a positive outcome.

Here is why this approach can be very successful and unlock a new level of customer relationships.

Funnelling users towards your chatbot in organic ways

Perhaps the most critical aspect of any conversational campaign is how to identify users that are open to hearing from the brand and likely to respond. It is essential to focus on online contacts with a genuine interest, since this allows the chat bot to collect very precise information about the primary target group and shape its responses optimally. Organic communication is what sets chat marketing apart from any alternatives, so it’s only logical to use triggers that come up within the normal flow of online interaction. Bots can track the source of the contact and activate the most optimal conversation scenario based on the content of the ad that directed the user to the chat and the available data about the user.

How click-to-chat ads can boost engagement and facilitate interaction?

Click-to-chat ads on Instagram are a proven way to connect with the customer base and promote a brand in a personalised way. When combined with smart chat bots, this technique can be very effective and almost instantly amplify a brand’s online presence with a noticeable impact on sales. Companies that cater to a younger audience and have visually attractive products can profit in a big way, since their ads will be well received on Instagram and send a lot of traffic to the bot. If the chat scenarios are well-defined and tied to desired outcomes, this arrangement can have a terrific return on investment.

Integrating different channels leads to better online visibility

Regardless of the fact that Instagram and Messenger are owned by the same company, they attract different types of users. Integrating both platforms within a unified campaign that leverages the advantages of each is a smart way to navigate the increasingly segmented digital landscape. Instagram ads are great for attracting attention and filtering users with a true affiliation for the brand, while chat bots are very effective in selecting the best offer and closing the deal. Even more importantly, channel integration acts as a force multiplier and stretches the value of the advertising budget a bit further.

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