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4 Tips To A Successful Hair Extensions Business

Starting and running a business is not easy. It requires lots of planning and hard work to make things work. To create a reputable brand for your hair extension business, it’s best to have the right goals in mind. You could start by offering clients virgin hair bundles from brands like Harlem Hair Company. And despite the path you chose, here are four tips to help you launch a successful hair extension business.


Like any other business, a business plan is very important. A plan will help you focus and achieve your set business goals. However, coming up with a plan is not easy and may require some time and effort. But overall with a good plan, you can easily predict your future earnings and identify areas that they may present instabilities. There are several items to include in your plan, some of which include; company description, the product line, a funding project, a market analysis of the hair extension trends, among others. Even then, it’s best to keep your business plan short but clearly outlined.

Get funding

Launching any business requires capital. So, if you don’t have enough capital, then you may want to consider getting funding for your business. You can do this by acquiring loans from banks or money lenders. Be sure to use the funds for the right purpose like purchasing products for your hair extension business. Also, have your finances in order and ensure you repay your loans in time to avoid drowning in debt. But, only get the funding, only when you need it. Have a business account ready and running and ensure all business finances are well accounted for and maintain your records.

Get the right supplier

As you open a hair extension business, you may want to find a supplier who offers a variety of hair extensions. Make sure that you can reach your supplier easily and only work with a good and reputable supplier. To get the right one, do comprehensive research on the different suppliers in the market, analyze their customer feedback and supply size. What’s more, with the right supplier, you can decide whether to do the packaging and shipping or to leave it to the supplier. Either way, pick a good and trust-worthy supplier.

Market your business

Marketing is at the heart of every business’s success. It is important to get your brand out there. Target a wider audience through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Ensure your accounts on these platforms are active by adding new content regularly. Also, be in touch with your customers by answering their questions and providing them with helpful information. You can also open an e-commerce website to help you sell to customers in other parts of the globe. Get the necessary help in designing your website and ensure it is easy to navigate for you and your customers and potential leads.

For your hair extension company to be successful, it should have a clearly outlined plan and strategy. Also, work on getting the right supplier for your products and market your business on various platforms.

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