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Valuable Reasons for Using Customized Corrugated Boxes

Package solutions are essential for warehouses and retail stores to keep things organized and protected during transit. There are myriads of packaging material available in the market. It includes plastic, paper, wood, paperboard, steel, aluminum, etc.

If your item gets shipped across the world, it is necessary to choose a material that maintains its integrity. For transit packaging in bulk corrugated containers are efficient because it makes handling, storing, and shipping of the goods more convenient.

Cardboard and corrugated boxes differ in several ways. The manufacturing process is different in both. The corrugated package has 3 different layers of thick paperboard. The inner layer is rippled or fluted, whereas the outer two layers are flat. To compress and hold the three layers thick starchy glue is used. The end product is durable and robust enough to handle the bumps and stresses during shipping.

At, customers don’t need to worry about their packaging needs ranging from design to storage and delivery. It offers just-in-time carton delivery at affordable prices from its warehouse in Arizona, Ontario, Vermont, Quebec, Oregon, and British Columbia.

Reasons to use corrugated cartons


The weight of corrugated cartons is light, so handling the packaging is convenient. The loading and unloading of the cartons become easy. It is also a cost-effective material, especially for shipping. The box volume gets charged instead of the weight. Oversize box because of product shape can make you pay less on shipping.

Safety & protection

The reinforced board is rigid and protection due to the corrugated design functions as a cushion. So, it can endure the impact at the warehouse while handling and during transit.


The corrugated cardboard cartons are affordable packaging material for shipping items as manufacturing them is cheap. The material is available with ease.


Choosing corrugated cardboard containers will help to reduce the carbon footprints of your business. Recycled material is used in designing the boxes. Besides, customers can reuse it to pack things.

Strong protection

Corrugated cartons have an inherent strength due to its design, which is matchless with regular cardboard. Corrugation design helps to protect contents from moisture and temperature. In extreme moisture situations, while shipping the packaging gets exposed but corrugated or dense construction ensures better protection against environmental factors.


Clients can get customized corrugated cartons to suit their needs. If you need customization for sensitive electronic items then choose double-wall corrugated containers. For the subscription box niche, packaging appearance is critical to stand out from the competition. A customized corrugated box option offers a chance to choose the shape, style, print, and embellishment for the item you need to ship.

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