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3 Main Factors Affecting Employee Motivation

The employees are the greatest resource that your company can ever have. This shows how essential it is to take care of the employees because their output is directly proportional to your business’ performance. You can get more information on that from Teneo. However, if you do not take care of such people, your company may be facing a dead end, and the chances of losing substantial amounts are very high. In this case, you need to consider and understand what factors affect your employees’ motivation, as discussed below.


Your workers are still in your organization because the salary you pay them is enough to cater to their needs. This means that if the payment is below what they expect, they will be demotivated and dissatisfied with their jobs. You need to consult Teneo Network to understand the essence of proper employee remuneration. Some gurus in the employment sector argue that salary alone or an increment promise does not guarantee better performance. However, a good salary or an increment can minimize your employees’ frustration and resentment towards their jobs.

Work Relationships

Your employees spend about a third of their day in your company, which means they interact and connect throughout. It is your responsibility as the employer to ensure that all your workers relate well with one another. A lack of good work relationships may cause demotivation and resignation because the employees may feel lonely and isolated. It is advisable to consider focusing on team-building activities, which allow individuals to interact freely and know each other better.


Being the leader in your organization means you must learn how to relate well with those below you and ensure that they are motivated to handle the job given to them. It is recommendable to appreciate your staff, give credit where it is due, and have reasonable expectations of each worker. Additionally, you should also treat each employee individually by understanding that each one has varying needs and requirements that should be well-addressed. With such support, such individuals will be more than willing to share their experiences, concerns, and needs with you. That creates a bond that keeps them motivated to stay in your company and work hard in their respective fields.

Having a reliable workforce demands a lot from you as the head of the company. You must learn how to keep those below you interested in their jobs and ensure maximum productivity from them. The above tips are some of the best ways you can achieve that.

Infographic provided by Food For Thought, an industry leader in office catering

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