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Shelton Haynes Drives Transformation: Roosevelt Island Tramway Introduces OMNY System

 RIOC Innovating Transit with Contactless Technology

In a remarkable collaboration that echoes his commitment to progress, Shelton J. Haynes, the accomplished President & CEO of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), has partnered with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to introduce the OMNY system to the iconic Roosevelt Island Tramway. This bold move showcases Haynes’ dedication to embracing cutting-edge technology for the betterment of the Roosevelt Island community.

Redefining Commuting Convenience

Shelton Haynes’ strategic partnership with the MTA to implement the OMNY system on the Roosevelt Island Tramway signifies a pivotal step towards modernizing the island’s transit infrastructure. The OMNY system, renowned for its convenience and efficiency, enables commuters to seamlessly pay fares using contactless methods such as smartphones and contactless cards, marking a departure from traditional fare payment methods.

Shelton Heynes Enhancing Urban Living

By introducing the OMNY system to the tramway, Shelton Haynes is leading Roosevelt Island toward a future of enhanced urban living. This visionary move aligns with his focus on leveraging technological advancements to improve the daily experiences of residents and visitors alike. The OMNY-enabled tramway streamlines commuting and amplifies the island’s reputation as a progressive and innovative community.

A New Horizon of Transit

Shelton Haynes’ collaboration with the MTA to bring the OMNY system to the Roosevelt Island Tramway exemplifies his unwavering commitment to progress. As the island enters a new era of contactless transit, it becomes evident that Haynes’ visionary leadership is pivotal in shaping Roosevelt Island into a modern, technologically advanced, and commuter-friendly haven. This transformative initiative elevates the island’s transportation system and stands as a testament to Haynes’ dedication to propelling Roosevelt Island into a brighter, more connected future.

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