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Bulk CO2 Beverage Systems: Ensuring Consistent CO2 Supply

Carbon dioxide is the main ingredient in carbonated beverages. It helps determine the taste, carbonation level, and aroma to guarantee customers with the highest quality beverages. In breweries, CO2 is vital too finished beer quality, beer foam, mouthfeel, and shelf stability. Brewers must make sure the CO2 supply is free from contaminants and handled appropriately in the brewery. A consistent co2 supply for our lab is important for continuous production. This makes it essential to partner with a reliable CO2 supplier, particularly one that allows for bulk ordering. Easy bulk CO2 beverage systems could reduce costs and service delays. The following are some of the amazing benefits of these systems:

Eliminate Flat Drinks

Bulk CO2, allows carbon dioxide to constantly run through the system.  Every drink gets the proper amount of carbonation each time. This means that restaurants and breweries won’t serve or produce flat drinks, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Eliminate the Need to Change Cylinders

With a bulk CO2 system, restaurants and bars don’t need to change out heavy, cumbersome cylinders. Traditional systems require cylinder changes that involve depressurizing the entire system, causing the establishment to lose out on usage CO2. Also, a stationary CO2 system minimizes the chances of employee injury and property damage often associated with moving high-pressure cylinders.

Ensure Consistent Carbonation Even During Refill

With a bulk CO2 system, the tanks are filled through a fill box placed outside the establishment. Your supply can easily and quickly deliver CO2 without stopping beverage service during a refill or use CO2 and syrup as they restart the system. Establishments that serve or produce draft beer must ensure there is a dependable source of CO2 for consistent carbonation.

Eliminate the Need for Venting

With the systems, the vent and fill lines are placed in a lockable box outside the facility. This allows CO2 suppliers to monitor and refill without interrupting CO2 flow to the fountain or draft beers.

Restaurants and breweries that have not adopted the bulk CO2 systems can get high-pressure cylinders. They can request an actual certificate of analysis to document CO2 purity from their suppliers. Those who are getting bulk CO2 to refill huge receivers may face extra and different problems and should talk to their suppliers abut these to understand how the latter retains beverage grade purity at the time of delivery. Important things to discuss include routine maintenance of delivery trucks and measures to prevent cross-contamination of beverage grade CO2 across various kinds of customers.

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