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Three Basic Equipment You Will Need for your Woodlot

Whether you already have woodlot machinery and want to invest in more up-to-date equipment and more efficient attachments or a new landowner without equipment or experience, it is important to decide the right equipment for you. Woodlot equipment can be used for harvesting wood for personal use or sale. Also, it can be useful if you want to cut bigger amounts and have plenty of time but don’t want to invest in large scale equipment. Here are some of the basic machinerie pour terre à bois and attachments you will need for your woodlot:

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

ATVs feature versatility and low cost. Their small size and manoeuverability can let you get close to the cut log. You can use them for harvesting small amounts of wood. Also, they can be used for forwarding and skidding. When purchasing an ATV, get one that has a maximum ground clearance and at least 300 cc engine. An ATV that can handle woodworks can cost at least $8, 000.


Typically, a tractor can produce more than an ATV and is more commonly used for harvesting on a small scale. This versatile machine is ideal for a landowner who may also want to farm, clear snow, or run other accessories such a splitter. It can adapt to a lot of harvesting attachments. Its parts are easy to obtain and it can be easily serviced.

Tractors are ideal for medium to large amounts of wood; however, they could also make sense for less than this if you want to use them for other purposes. If you plan to make a living from the harvested wood, opt for a tractor with at least a 50 HP engine and a four-wheel-drive. A 4WD features better weight distribution between the front and rear axles. Also, it is a wise decision to buy a used tractor. A used 65 HP tractor can cost around $16, 000.


Winches can be attached to a trailer, a tractor, a skidder, or a sulky. They are composed of a drum and a long cable for dragging the log toward the power source. Once the cable is attached to the log, it winds in over the drum.

Winches are available in a lot of sizes and pulling capacities. A winch used in an ATV can be manual, gas-powered, hydraulic, or electric. Make sure to understand the power sources available on your ATV or tractor before you choose a winch. Get a winch compatible with the power source on your equipment.

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