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The Smartest Way to Hire Top-Notch Engineers

Most organizations find it exceptionally daunting to hire quality engineers. Moreover, the demand for qualified engineers is at an all-time high. There are many reasons why finding the next perfect hire is incredibly difficult, so whether you plan to hire your first or hundredth engineer, engineering recruiting firms recommend building a hiring pipeline to find out, interview, and hire quality candidates at scale.

Understanding the engineering landscape

Engineers are the most demanding experts in the US. However, they also tend to change their jobs a lot. Skilled engineers have the choice of picking whichever projects they want to join. As they don’t need a job, this presents an opportunity and a challenge.

While the challenge is that the competition is fierce, the opportunity is definitely endless. There are always projects that need talent. Moreover, to attract engineers, you need to know what a typical engineer is looking for.


Engineers need to know they’ll be making an impact and will be moving forward in their careers.


Top-notch engineers want to work on complex problems that they can grow from and point to as achievement for the rest of their careers.


Engineers want to work in a supportive and professional environment where their thoughts are valued. They are ready to take less pay when they experience a fantastic culture or brand.

Now, let us focus on how you can develop an engineering pipeline.

Create a company story

Most engineering recruiting firms stick to sourcing candidates, but there’s actually a step here, i.e., building the employer brand. The truth behind hiring is marketing. Be methodical about researching, documenting and promoting the company’s culture, mission, and philosophy.

Never Stop sourcing

The secret to hiring great engineers is never to stop sourcing. Moreover, it’s best to engage with world-class candidates. Now, there are dozens of sourcing channels your company may utilize.

Build business relationships with engineers before you screen them

You’ll come across a lot of advice out there about running the optimal tech phone screen. But we’re going to recommend something a little different. Nerve screen candidates until you’ve spent time with them. Remember, you’re building relationships with dozens of quality engineers, which will pay off in the future.

But for candidates, who decide to advance to the next step, it is essential to schedule a follow-up and prepare screening questions—moreover, it’s your choice on how to structure the screening stage while optimizing for relationship building.

Focus on on-site intervenes

The most effective way to conduct a technical-based interview is a major issue with businesses falling into two vital schools of thought.

Companies relying on algorithmic, academic interviews for a very engineering role

Companies that only test engineers on skills and technologies will actually be using them in their day-to-day role

Final Wrap

The key to recruiting world-class engineers is to share the mission and help them see where they fit in it. Remember, it’s not just a job; you tend to offer them the next chapter of their life.

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