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Palm Tree Solar LED Street Light: The Perfect Solution For Commercial Needs!

Production of electricity using fossil fuels and coal causes massive carbon emissions. These resources are limited, and if available data is any indicator, we wouldn’t have enough of these fossil fuels in the next two decades to meet the increasing demand. Simply put, we need better, cleaner sources of energy, and solar energy easily tops the list. Similar to wind and water energy, solar energy is renewable and dependable. In recent years, developments and innovations have made it possible to use solar energy for commercial and industrial needs.

In this post, we are reviewing Palm Tree solar LED street light – The Foldable All In One light from solar street light supplier Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Limited.

Knowing about the company

Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Limited is based in China and has been a leader in developing solar power systems. The company has products that are being used productively in more than 100 countries. They recently launched their Palm Tree solar LED street light, which has been in the development for more than a few months. The product promises to offer street lighting solution with advanced features, but not the corresponding costs. If your business is looking for 40W 60W 80W 100W 120W100W solar street light for industrial and public sectors, this company has all that you need.

Reviewing the benefits

Shenzhen Moonlight Technology has developed the product with an eye for detail, doing away with some of the common design concerns. The Palm Tree Solar LED Street Light is designed with panels that can rise up and fold, so as to gather the maximum amount of solar energy. The design is such as that the solar panel is separated from the body of the lamp, so damage to other components like batteries and light can be minimized. The all in one solar street light is also super easy to install, with no need for any cables, and the whole mounting can be done in just two steps.

The verdict

Palm Tree Solar LED Street Light is a step ahead in harnessing solar energy, and it has been getting rave reviews for its design. If your project demands a comprehensive street lighting solution, this is the product to go for. The company – Shenzhen Moonlight Technology – offers credible information and details on the design and use on their website. Please check for more details or contact them for a better product overview.

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