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A Guide to an Overflow Call Centre

As a company grows it will discover that there is always a need to maintain high levels of customer service that helps to keep customer satisfaction where it need to be. Without this basic level of service a company can go stale or begin to struggle. If a company begins to receive too many calls from customers’ this can have a knock-on effect to the standards within the rest of the company (as internal staff are stretched with taking incoming calls) and damage brand reputation as calls are missed and customers (or potential customers) become irate. This is the worst-case scenario of course, but it shows how important it is to consider an overflow call centre service from early on in the process of a company that processes a high level of customer calls.

An overflow call centre is a service that offers support to businesses where the in-house customer service teams have become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of calls they are expected to take. In these cases, surges in calls can lead to disgruntled customers who wait ages to be spoken to or give up before they are, as well as tiring out customer service agents who can then not perform to the standards expected of them. Over time this can damage brand reputation and potential growth opportunities.

An overflow call centre service helps by offering that extra level of customer service support when the calls come flooding in. They will be highly trained in all aspects of your brand, products and services and your customers will always think they are talking to a member of your own in-house team, not a contracted service. Once the surge in calls is over you can then scale back if you wish to bring down costs. In recent months we have seen how important overflow call centres are to businesses, as even though many people were forced to work from home or were furloughed, there was an increase in customer service calls to companies and therefore an increase in demand for overflow call centres to operate to a high standard and maintain customer satisfaction rates.

Overflow call centres can be used in these emergency situations alone or they can be utilised to cover times of the day where the normal office and customer service team does not operate, providing your business with a 24/7 hotline that customers can get in contact with if they so wish.

An overflow call centre could be the perfect solution to the current problems that your business is facing. If you are struggling to keep up with the high volumes of calls coming into your in-house customer service team (whether for positive or negative reasons) or you want to ensure that your out-of-hours are covered and that potential customers are not missed, then an overflow call centre service is the right approach. There are call centre services that offer you a highly professional team of contact centre operatives that understand how to deliver consistently high standards of customers service that keeps your brand reputation high and your customers satisfied.

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