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Understanding the Sustainability of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated packaging is the most recovered material on Earth. It is sustainably made from trees and old recovered corrugate containers. The recovered fiber is recycled to make new boxes and more paper products. Corrugated boxes from are incredibly strong and durable. They are eco-friendly, renewable, and recyclable, which make them the most sustainable packaging option for your packaging needs.

How the Recycling Process Works

Corrugated containers are recycled by consumers and businesses to make new ones. However, how exactly does the recycling process work after he old corrugated containers (OCCs) are dropped for recycling?

Once dropped off, the OCCs are sorted, compacted, and baled for space-efficient storage. Then, the bales are moved to a paper mill to be broken down and where the corrugated is inserted into a repulper. This part of the process removes the contaminants and pours the remaining fiber solution onto a moving screen that lets the water drain away and form a continuous fiber mat. To remove extra water from the mat, it is pressed between rollers.

The next step of the process is winding the wet, continuous fiber through a dryer to remove any remaining moisture from the paper. After this process is completed, the paper is rolled up onto a big reel pool where it is slit and rewound into individual rolls. The recycling process ends here. The paper rolls are shipped off to sheet plants to start their next life as sustainable corrugated packaging.

Importance of Recycling

Corrugated packaging recovery minimizes the greenhouse gas emissions of the industry by keeping corrugated out of landfills. Landfills have methane emissions that significantly contribute to global warming.

Recycling corrugated materials can directly and significantly affect Earth’s health. It reduces solid waste disposal. Recycled fiber is reused for making new corrugated packaging without using al new raw material. As OCCs are valuable resources to both paper mills and manufacturers, they also help generate revenue.

How to Reuse Corrugated

Corrugated boxes are durable and flexible which allow for them to be reused over and over again before being recycled to make new sustainable corrugated packaging. Corrugated material is often used for shipping consumer goods. Nearly anything consumers order online will arrive at their doorstep in a corrugated box. This box can be flattened and stored away for future use. However, it is important to ensure it is in solid structural shape. The corners and sides must be both clean and strong before storing the box.

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