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Knowing Details about Webcast

With the growing technology and the day to day developments happening, there are many new technological things invented and one such thing is webcast. A webcast is a web or internet based broadcast from the place of meeting or an event through the internet. However, there are many other things like webinar, webcasting is different as it is characterized by the fact that a single person or host can easily and simply broadcast their presentation from anywhere to anyone through an internet connection. In simple words, a webcast means that a comparatively larger set of audience can watch and hear a particular webcast with an internet connection. They are not only restricted to see and hear the particular webcast, but they can also easily interact with other people through the webcast.

There are many webcasters that are available all around the world, but the best one amongst these one in and around Singapore are the AGM Webcast Singapore. Many people may not have an idea about these webcasters, so we are mentioning some details which might help them to know about webcasts. A webcast is nothing more than just a presentation or conference which is conducted online. With the help of a webcast, participants can watch, hear and even speak during the presentation. Webcasting is not only restricted to business. People can also use webcasting to stream live events such as corporate presentations, e-learning training etc.

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