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Know the Basics of a Dedicated Server

Setting up a website is not enough. Makers also need to ensure that they run properly, are quick to respond and have low latency levels. This is possible with dedicated server hosting plans that include allocation of a specific server with the necessary CPU, RAM and disk space to host and operate the website. The users of dedicated servers have the option to configure them according to their website’s requirements, add new software and even enhance the security level. Dedicated WordPress hosting is ideal for websites that attract large traffic and have massive content that is updated from time to time. Let us find out more about dedicated servers.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server leads to the optimal performance of a website since all its resources including bandwidth and storage are geared towards the functioning of that site. When a website opts for a dedicated server it means that:

  • It has sole access to the resources of the server. There is no sharing of resources – so no clogging or delays. Also, there are no chances of bad scripts running on other websites pulling down their website
  • The server can be configured in such a way so as to ensure smooth operations of the website whether it is a commercial website or a website for running a critical business application.
  • It has full control over the hosting environment and storage of website’s content
  • It faces no privacy issues or there is little chance of theft of data by another user or website.
  • It is capable of handling any increase in traffic without any delays or resource crunch.
  • It has a unique IP address
  • The hosting services provider offers continued support to deal with any issues that may arise in the running of the website – including any possible malware attacks.

All this ensures that the website has a good uptime and is available to users on a continuous basis with little or no breakdowns that are quite common in the case of shared servers. A website owner choosing dedicated servers in India also does not have to worry about building and maintaining the server equipment, thereby recording improved returns on their investment.

Although dedicated server hosting plans are costlier than the shared hosting services, they prove to be quite cost effective over the long run, especially for websites that witness high traffic and handle a lot of important data of their clients. Similarly, websites that require a lot of customization will surely find a dedicated server cost-effective in the long run.

Choosing Between HDD and SSD Storage on Your Dedicated Servers

Choosing the right storage option is an important consideration in buying dedicated server hosting plans. Traditionally, hard disk drives or HDD were the most commonly used storage medium, but recent years have witnessed an increase in the popularity of solid-state drives or SSDs for dedicated hosting purposes. The efficiency of SSD is reflected in their speed in reading and storing the data which helps them score over the HDD dedicated hosting plans.

So get ready to host your website with a dedicated server that is powered by SSD storage to ensure low downtime and latency rates.

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