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How SaaS Businesses Can Use Content Marketing to Expand Their Business

Creating a brand-new SaaS company is very difficult these days. This is because the market is pretty saturated when it comes to SaaS businesses, as all companies want to use the subscription model to generate more profit and create sales of their software that are recurring and not finite. However, SaaS companies not only need to have a functional software to be able to do this. They also need to be able to acquire new users while retaining their old ones.

Without continuous growth, a SaaS company cannot sustain itself. Many companies that have jumped into the SaaS space, such as legacy companies like Microsoft and Adobe with Office and Photoshop, have a huge business apparatus to back them up in case there is any sluggish growth in their SaaS offerings. However, startup SaaS companies do not have this luxury. They need to give a value proposition to adopting their software, and they will be able to do this with the right SaaS content marketing strategy. With that in mind, here is what SaaS companies need to do in order to succeed with their content and grow out their SaaS offering into a fully functional business.

Spend on High-Quality Content

One thing that many companies try to do is cheap out on their content. Having content is not just about hiring a writer to write blogs for you. It’s about creating content that actually provides value to your existing users and potential adopters. A good piece of content, including having custom graphics, multiple revisions and extensive research, will typically run a SaaS business upwards of $500. While this investment may hurt in the short term, and may not be able to be pegged immediately to ROI, it will help build your brand and help your SaaS company build authority in its software niche.

When looking to invest in a SaaS product, companies and individuals want to know that the SaaS product actually has value. If you hire a highly skilled content writer, they’ll be able to produce excellent content for you. They’ll also have a strong understanding of the SaaS space and ideally your software niche as well.

Pair content marketing with SEO

When creating this kind of content marketing strategy for your SaaS business, you’ll want to produce everything from blog posts and ebooks to whitepapers and social posts. All of this together will dictate the budget that you will be able to allocate toward content marketing, as you will need to fill the airwaves with different types of content in order to get new users to discover this.

The best way to get traction as SaaS company is through SEO. SEO involves modifying your site to be more optimized toward the way that search engines read your website. However, when doing this, you’ll also be able to organize your website to promote your best content, such as in a header navigation or directly accessible on your homepage. You’ll also be able to target your content marketing efforts toward particular keywords. These keywords will come up in the keyword research process and can include things such as longtail keywords and questions in order to best get your content in front of people who will potentially adopt your SaaS offering.

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