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Getting it right for them: 6 tips for healthy co-parenting

In most cases, disputes between ex-partners regarding their children are inevitable. The reasons are as complex as they are simple, but they essentially boil down to the one thing: you both want the very best for your kids, but you both have different ways as to how this will be achieved!

This can make things extremely difficult for you, your ex, and, of course, your children. This is why it’s important to develop dispute resolution strategies so that you and your ex can work in unison to achieve this all-important shared goal.

After all, you both have a vested interest in your child’s health and happiness, so enlisting helpful strategies and a positive outlook is a great way to teach them healthy life skills!

Of course, there may be times when you will need the best family law firm Perth has available, especially throughout the separation or divorce process, but it’s also a good idea to keep these helpful co-parenting tips in your back pocket for when a disagreement regarding your kids arises:

  1. Have a despite resolution plan

This is something that must be undertaken with your ex to be successful, and involves the two of you developing a plan to handle any conflicts before they exacerbate into a much larger issue.

This can include anything from how a disagreement is discussed (in-person, over the phone) to possible resolutions when a particular issue arises.

  1. Take a breath before speaking

Emotions run high when it comes to our children. They are the most important thing in our worlds, and so there will be times when you think your ex doesn’t have the right strategy for their health and wellbeing.

This being said, it’s important to take a breath before speaking, as saying hurtful things will only exacerbate the issue and prolong any unresolved issues. The most important thing is this: you have to separate your own emotions so that you can be pragmatic for your child – this may seem hard but it will always have better outcomes.

  1. See your ex as a business partner

You may or may not be getting back with your ex, but when it comes to your kids in a separation, it’s a good idea to see them as a business partner, someone that you have a shared vested interest but not someone with whom you will let your own interpersonal problems impede on your vested interest!

  1. Always maintain the kids as focus

Once again, it’s imperative to remember that whatever you do will have an impact on your kids. You want them to be as healthy and happy as possible, and conflict is a surefire way to reduce their familirial comfort and confidence.

  1. Seek clarity before making accusations

If you feel there is something your ex may have done wrong in regards to your kids, don’t just go in with unfounded accusations that could lead to further conflict – ask them first!

It’s normal to make assumptions, especially when we are so emotionally-invested in a situation, but doing so can cause unnecessary trouble that could have a further impact on your kids.

  1. Be open to dispute resolution

We have to admit it: having kids can bring out our most stubborn side, right? We think that law is our side, everything we do and plan for them is right and anyone else – including their other parent – can go and get stuffed, right?

Unfortunately, this is not a great way to handle disagreements, especially if your stubbornness never allows for compromise. You must be open-minded when it comes to dispute resolution for the kids – it’s the best way to keep everyone happy!

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