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eSignature integration for Microsoft Outlook


Due to the pandemic, non-traditional means of document execution have proliferated. One of them is eSignatures. It is essential to understand the rules and laws that are linked with it so that a document that is electronically signed is granted the same legal validity and effect as if it is signed or attested in person. Signeasy has introduced new eSignature integration for Microsoft Outlook. Let’s look at the innovation.

How do eSignatures help with Microsoft Outlook?

Electronic signatures were established to make the process of electronic document signing easier. This enables one to save both money and time. Documents often require signatures at numerous places. One spends more time sending and storing sales contracts, getting them for future references, and chasing that one point of contact. Evading paper signing procedures and employing online signature creators can help one save a significant amount of money for businesses. This is possible as using an electronic signature directly via Microsoft Outlook, which eliminates any need for postage, ink, papers, courier, printing, faxing, and other such costs.

Also, with almost everyone having smartphones today, most phones come loaded have Microsoft Outlook installed. Thus users can sign papers directly using Microsoft Outlook without downloading any third party software or apps with signature solutions. This enhances a solution’s usability. Users can sign and share contracts using Microsoft Outlook from any Internet-connected device, anytime and anywhere..

eSignatures with Microsoft Outlook

Signeasy for Outlook, is an Office 365 add-in which enables you send or sign  documents for signature directly using your Outlook Inbox. Thus, you have the facility of esignatures available directly from applications people use every day. Avoiding the redundant and mundane pen-and-paper signature means to go paperless and reduce costs, delighting customers and closing deals faster. Users can sign and return documents received as attachments, without leaving the Outlook Inbox.

Benefits of Esignatures:

Following are the main benefits of esignatures:

●      Improved document workflows

Single POCs are a huge problem to deal with in sales processes. Multiple people have to be chased to sign and review documents. However, eSignatures helps sales staff send the document, define the signing order, define the signers, and so on.

●      Thorough selling

Depending on the service or product and by observing the data available, sales reps can be on top of the sales cycle. ESignatures also help sales teams position and sell their services or products better.

●      Enhanced relationships with customers

Chasing and follow-ups by customer reps can frustrate customers, ruining relationships. Automated system-generated reminders are an excellent alternative. Businesses can maintain a better sales relationship with customers, and the sales team can meet their targets without any last-minute scrambles and panics.

●      Guarantee legally binding audit trails

As the physical contract signing process costs more money and time, there is also a security risk involved. Once a contract is posted, one has very little control over what happens next to it. By incorporating eSignature technology, sales leaders can alleviate the risk entirely by having complete knowledge of where a contract is and whether it has been seen, received, and signed. Moreover, date stamping and built-in time within eSignature tools offer an audit trail of every conversation, edit, or contract.

Signeasy for Microsoft Outlook

Eliminate the old, time-consuming redundant process of downloading, printing, scanning and re-uploading documents that require your signature. Using Signeasy with Microsoft Outlook Integration, you can quickly sign email attachments without having to leave the Outlook inbox. With this excellent addon you can send out crucial documents such as p service agreements, purchase orders, and invoices for signatures from anybody, anywhere. And of course, you can sign them yourself too!The signeasy addon can very easily be installed by performing the following steps:

Installing Signeasy add-in on the Outlook Web App

Signeasy can be set up in 3 simple steps; all you need to do is,

  1. In Microsoft Outlook on the web, choose a message.
  2. Select More actions button available at the top of the message.
  3. Select Get Add-ons from the bottom of the list.
  4. A pop-up window is displayed with the list of the add-ins.
  5. Search for Signeasy and then select the Add option.
  6. The Signeasy add-in is available on the top right corner.

Installing Signeasy add-in on the Outlook Desktop App

  1. Click ‘Get Add-ins’ by selecting the three dots.
  2. The Microsoft Office Add-ins Store is displayed. Search for Signeasy.
  3. Click “Add”. The Signeasy icon is available by clicking on the three dots when a user is reading an email that has an attached document.

The whole setup process of Signeasy is very easy to implement and does not require any assistance from the Signeasy customer support team.


Signeasy offers customers excellent support along with great and transparent pricing that is cost-effective. Organizations worldwide are choosing Signeasy as it has many features that make it one of the best signature platforms available in the market. Go ahead and start your 14-day free trial of Signeasy – you do not require a credit card. During the trial period, users can sign infinite documents on any device globally. Go ahead and implement eSignature integration for Microsoft Outlook to enable your sales process to be easy, modern, and secure.

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