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Entrepreneurial Outreach and Building Better Habits With Daniel Shin

When Daniel Shin first began his career as an entrepreneur and investor, he probably didn’t foresee that he would one day secure a spot on Wharton’s 40 Under 40 list. A graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with his B.Sc. in Economics, Shin has garnered acclaim for his work as an investor, founder, and CEO.

A unique mind with perspectives to match, Shin sat down to discuss what makes him tick as well as what has fueled his success, all while offering to share his insights with those interested in following him.

Meeting Daniel Shin

Daniel Shin is a firm believer that preparation can lead to proper execution and that means starting each day with the right mindset. Shin used to wake up in the morning only to be bogged down by phone calls, meetings, and a long list of emails that he’d have to reply to. By limiting what he does in the morning to just items on his priority list, Shin has effectively slowed his mind down while improving outcomes for his business.

Shin says, “These days, I try to think hard about what is most important and what is a priority. Focusing on a few decisions that are key (…) is significantly more effective than doing everything in an average way.

His focus on preparation came in handy when he operated as the founder and CEO of TicketMonster, one of the leading e-commerce platforms in all of Korea with a valuation north of $3.5bn in GMV. Shin’s work in the sphere coincides with his own affinity for artificial intelligence and technological advances. Shin thinks that the future is in the hands of computers.

Focusing on what comes next has Shin advocating investing in artificial intelligence. Shin says, “I’m excited about what AI can do for digital businesses once it gets married to real-time payment data.”

Shin went on to explain how artificial intelligence can help guide businesses to suggest plans of action, executing concepts that lead to improved outcomes for everyone involved.

Learning From the Past

While he has found success consistently throughout his career, Daniel Shin understands that there are times and places in his past where he could have done things better. One of the big things that he has to remind himself is that life isn’t just a sprint to the finish line, but it is also a methodical race where you can improve and impact others along the way.

Shin says of his decision to slow life down, “I found myself getting more and more result-focused as the years passed and I’d like to tell myself that there is more to life. Take the time to have lots of fun along the way!”

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