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4 Ways to Streamline your Manufacturing Processes

Wondering why sales are down and costs are up? It could be time you refreshed your manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing is a key concern for any business selling goods over services. Without clear supply lines and a good B2B relationship with suppliers, you may find yourself without products to sell amid growing client demand. Nobody wants to shut their doors on clients demanding products, so we need to prioritise that manufacturing process at all times.

However, recent world events have driven prices and demand through the roof. We simply don’t’ have access to the same cheap supplies we had before. The modern world wants affordable items and they want the immediately. Supply chain problems, interruptions thanks to pandemics and wars, and other socio-political events are all driving prices higher. If we don’t stop and take stock of what we have to work with, we will end up without either products or clients as we move forward.

Sound familiar? If so, keep reading.

The 4 Best Ways to Streamline Manufacturing Post-Pandemic

As we put covid firmly behind us, here are some of the best 4 ways you can streamline manufacturing after all that mess.

1 – Refresh your Employees

Top of the list on how to improve your processes, is to look at who you still have working for you. The pandemic caused massive upheavals in many industries, so there are a huge number of excellent managers out there looking for work. Capitalise on this in 2022 by hiring new workers to fulfil your niche. We like Manufacturing Jobs | Hays Recruitment for filling positions. You can browse potential candidates by CV as well as advertising for the position all on the same site.

2 – Examine Procurements

When was the last time the procurement department had an in-house audit? You may well find good-quality supplies for manufacturing your goods, at lower prices elsewhere. We Brits tend to stick with the same supplier out of brand loyalty, even if those supplies are pricier elsewhere. Unfortunately, falling into this trap holds back your business. Don’t let loyalty sway you when it comes to cutting costs. Be bold.

3 – Examine Packaging

When we package and ship our goods, most of us do it incorrectly. We are missing out on free advertising when we send our goods whipped without exterior design and branding. Worse, we might be wasting money on every shipment we make, simply because our packaging is incorrect. Wrapping machines can pack our pallets without wasting extra materials. We may well find that the correct instructions issued to the shipment team is all it takes to save huge returns on the delivery of our goods.

4 – Update your Assets

When it comes to production, you want to ensure your machines are as up to date as possible. Older machines are slower, cause more waste, and cost more to run. Updating your machinery and other factory floor assets is a great way to boost production and lower expenses. You should team this with an improvement in quality control measures to double up on the benefits of streamlining your manufacturing process.

For factories looking to fill large and regular orders, downtime can cause an enormous setback. For more information on downtime and how to avoid it, please see the information below.

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