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Social Sharing Buttons Connected

Customers Sharing OpinionsA lot of out-of-the-box websites come with the art and placement of social sharing buttons to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others. If your buttons aren't connected, it doesn't look good. We think it best if you connect the buttons to your social network pages, but we can take them down if you don't have a More Info »
Price: $79.00

Setting Up an RSS Feed

AD-rss-moveRSS Feeds are still very important, especially from a publishing sense. Whether it be for third-party aggregators and readers like Feedly and Prismatic, or simply having your site listed in digital magazines like Alltop or Flipboard, RSS is how digital content gets syndicated. We can set you up with a FeedBurner or FeedBlitz feed, though More Info »
Price: $50.00

Podcasting Setup Production

Podcasting MicPodcasting is a great way to not only create content for repurposing, but to extend reach beyond your current borders. Setting that up for you includes putting you in a position to produce and easily get into iTunes and other podcast aggregation sites. That's the Basic level. We can also do production on a regular More Info »
Price: $79.00

Pinterest Plan and Setup

Red PushpinInterest in Pinterest for Business is a fast-growing segment. The community in Pinterest is proving to be loyal and sharing of their finds and their favorite brands. Shouldn't you be among them? But to simply be there could back fire. A plan, followed by consistent action, will find victories for you - and your customer. More Info »
Price: $79.00

Overseeing Big Projects

AD-bigger-projectsOn the occasions where the project of building a better business presence becomes larger than a simple "track", we become like a general contractor. These types of projects are Master-level tracks. Like a general contractor, we might occasionally outsource to other specialized contractors, vendors, and other subcontractors - overseeing the project, its costs, deadlines, and More Info »
Price: $349.00

Open Your Online Store

Open Your Online StoreA must-have element to your web presence if you're selling products. Even non-retailers can have an e-commerce presence (and probably should). A basic set-up for an online store for your business includes getting the tax information, shipping, discounts, auto-responders, and payment gateways in place. We'll also put a couple of items in the store so More Info »
Price: from $79.00
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Meta Tags Still Matter

Meta Tags CodeGet better meta? Hey, what's the meta? Some may tell you "meta tags" - the lines of code that use descriptions, keywords, location, and other informative items - matter less. And maybe so with some search engines, but not all of them. Yes, they still matter. Get better meta!
Price: $79.00

Measure Metrics that Matter

Crunching NumbersNot everything that can be counted counts, just as not everything that counts can be counted. Yet, if you have access to numbers that do count, you should be aware of the counts and amounts.  It can prove to be critical to your business growth - in presence and in profits. You probably have a More Info »
Price: $50.00

Location Based Services: Reviews and Checkings

A small-town downtownGet Greater Reviews on Location Based Services A great way to develop a deeper customer base is to encourage them - and reward them - for giving you great reviews. We can help set up the pages for them to do so and the program to reward them. Each Location-Based Service platform includes page setup More Info »
Price: $79.00

Get Whistle Stops Weekly

Whistle Stops WeeklyWant to stay on top and ahead in the oft-changing world of web tools, techniques, and tips? Subscribe to the free Whistle Stops Weekly Whistle Stops is a free weekly email – the best of the week from some of the most trusted sources available. You’ll receive an issue every Sunday so you can hit the ground armed More Info »
Price: $0.00

Custom 404 Pages

Custom 404 ImageWhile your 404 Error page - the ones that usually say "Nothing Found Here" - may have been reached in error, there's no reason those pages need to be a dead end? By creating a custom 404 page, your visitors can still find value in and around your site or brand. We do this on More Info »
Price: $79.00

Contact Information Placement

Old-Rotary-PhoneMost visitors to business websites are after contact information. Let's make sure you phone number, address, and hours are easy to find and use.  Above-the-fold, Click-to-call, with the fewest number of scrolls and clicks possible. They shouldn't be - but might be - driving to your place right now.
Price: $79.00

Coaching Sessions to better DIY

Coaching-SessionsSome business owners want to learn to do things on their own, yet need a nudge in the right direction. Some get stuck, and need a helping hand towards unstuck. That's what these short-time, short-term sessions are about. Three sessions of 30-45 minutes a piece, to use within 12 months of original purchase. These sessions More Info »
Price: $79.00

Build Your Opt-in Email List

Customer Opt-in EmailPermission-based, opt-in email lists are a key to building a customer base. These are people who have chosen to be placed on a list - whether to be notified of special deals, new products, or a periodic update. Sometimes they opt-in in exchange for a free Ebook you've offered, or a drawing or contest you've More Info »
Price: $79.00

Better Banner Header

Colors for BannersCreate a banner that clearly communicates and attracts visitors. Whether it's branding, logo, contact info, or an image of your storefront, we can get a brand new dressing at the top of your site.
Price: $50.00

Animated Videos for Simple Explanation

Animated Video adWhether you're uncomfortable in front of the camera or your explanation is too complex, animated, explanatory videos have become a huge asset in the presentation of your business or business idea. Animated videos can have moving images, sound effects, and written word choreographed onto a screen in way that can simultaneously be any combination of More Info »
Price: $79.00